At Get a Pet we wholeheartedly believe in adopting animals from shelters and rescues, and we want to encourage you to adopt by showcasing the hundreds of thousands of amazing animals that are needing homes across South Africa by making it easy for you to find your perfect pet. Purebred, mixed breed, old, young…they all deserve a chance to find their happily ever after.

Shelter Management Tool

Get a Pets’ founder has worked in animal shelters across Africa for the last 10 years and has a passion for animal welfare, and a passion not only for helping animals, but to help the people that are helping them.

The Get a Pet Adoption website is only a small part of this company. Behind the scenes Get a Pet has created an affordable, user friendly shelter management tool for any and all animal shelters, rescues, fosters and TNR orientated organizations to use. The first of its kind to be created locally, and helping shelters to run smoothly as well as automating a lot of the daily paperwork. All this at an affordable price means that these selfless people have more time to spend on the animals they care so lovingly for, and less money spent on expensive imported management programmes.

Get a Pet is exceptionally excited to be able to offer this service, along with a few fantastic extras, to shelters and rescues across South Africa!